Rubbermax (TP)

​RubberMax TP is the latest in oil containment boom, using a proprietary and unique formulation of rubber alloy, this boom has the strength of traditional rubber booms but has properties which make it stand apart.

RubberMax TP has greater resistance to chemicals and oils, (rubber is naturally not resistant to oil and will swell and deteriorate in its presence), a greater low temperature resistance and an extremely high puncture resistance. When measured by the screwdriver test (where literally a screwdriver is forced through the fabric), this material can withstand up to 250 lbs / 1,112 N pressure. Abrasion resistance is also high, this fabric again will exceed many conventional booms. The bright orange color enables vessels and mariners to see the boom readily (black available on request). It is easier to clean, and may be repaired without the use of glues.

RubberMax TP boom has individually filled air chambers, each chamber being equipped with the patented Monsun XG valve. This valve has a built-in non-return, our high capacity air blowers rapidly ll the individual air chambers as the boom is deployed into the water. RubberMax range of booms are supplied in manageable section lengths (30 and 50m). These shorter sections allow for a greater flexibility of deployment configurations.

RubberMax TP is designed with a high buoyancy to weight ratio, providing the boom with excellent wave riding and oil retention characteristics. It lies at when stowed, optimizing storage space. As an added safety feature, the galvanized steel chain is enclosed in a reinforced fabric pocket to prevent entanglements and pinch points for operators. This chain also acts as a tension member for added strength and resistance of towing forces. The boom is supplied with ASTM compliant interchangeable end connectors for rapid coupling of sections

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