​During the Deepwater Horizon oil spill the most prolific fire boom used in the response was the American Fireboom. The boom was originally known as 3M American Fireboom and was supplied in large quantities to the response community during the 1980’s. The controlled burning operations during 2010 demonstrated that this was truly an effective design. It has some of the longest recorded burns of any fire boom on the market (only second to our Hydro- Fire® Boom.)

Elastec Hydro-Fire® Boom has undergone rigorous burn trials by ourselves and other response organizations such as OHMSETT, SUPSALV and US Coast Guard. Hydro-Fire® Boom is an effective barrier to prevent the spread of oil fires on water.

The burns include a test burn off the coast of Spitsbergen, Norway (1988), spillage from Exxon Valdez (1989), involvement with experimental burns off Newfoundland, Canada (1993), United Kingdom Southampton test burn (1996) and most recently, the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico (2010).

- Inflatable design allows storage and shipping on a reel
- Reusable system
- The reel assists deployment and recovery

- Supplied as a complete system with water pumps, hoses, tow lines, hydraulic power unit
- Rapid deployment with minimal storage volume

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